SlimeTurd (slimeturd) wrote in 89xpeoplechoice,

Well, Song #2

Even though it didn't meet the rules, Barenaked Ladies ran over Dynamite Hack. So here is the next set. (i'll be sending it off to other people once we get a certain amount of people in here, so promote).

Song #1 Barenaked Ladies- Grade 9 (Champion 1 day)

Song #2 Hoobastank- The Reason (Challenger)
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Barenaked Ladies!! I effin hate "The Reason"!! It's so repetitive and annoying!!!! It's been overplayed.
Hoobastank all the way.
Hoobastank for sure
Hoobastank, the reason yo.

Sure the song is over payed, but its still a good one.
what rules are you talking about? why didn't barenaked ladies "meet the rules"?

(Don't judge by the icon, 89X rocks!)
the rules are, we asked for a "first to 15" vote, but we haven't yet reached 15 people. So promote. Tell your friends, parents, grandma Edna too!
You guys will reach 100 people if you listen to this!

awsome band !!! give them a try


December 13 2004, 10:34:37 UTC 12 years ago

your band is awful.
I'm a little late...but since I hate "the Reason" i have to choose Barenaked Ladies even though I've never heard that song.